Hosting websites and applications on managed virtual Windows servers

We offer all customers the ability to store your products on our servers at competitive prices and excellent service.

For home customers who develop their products with us, 50% discount on storage costs.

We have new, fast Quad core CPU and 16GB memory servers, reliability, fast traffic, high bandwidth and unlimited data traffic.

Payment is based on the amount of storage you need:

Smarket Web Hosting
Storage space Cost to external customer Cost to home customers
Up to 120 MB $50 USD $25 USD
Up to 1,200 MB $100 USD $50 USD
Up to 12 GB $200 USD $100 USD
Up to 120 GB $400 USD $200 USD
Up to 1,200 GB $800 USD $400 USD
Customized configuration Call us Call us

  • There is no installation cost. There are no hidden costs.
  • Israeli companies must also add 17% VAT in payment.
  • Non-Israeli companies are not liable for VAT and are exempt from paying this tax