Web Software Development

Smarket Online is a leading Israeli developer of web technologies, websites, e-commerce, applications and video games.

In our development pipeline we have several revolutionary products in the field of investment and tourism And tools that help businesses and startups succeed and grow.

In addition we offer advanced development services to third parties.

We use the most advanced technologies in the market. But also know how to deal well with old technologies and upgrade them

We build custom ecommerce sites from Scratch or using Magento

Among the technologies we use: WEB, AI, Blockchain, VR/AR

You pay according to the time it takes to actually develop your product. This is the fastest and most effective development method for you

Frontend technologies:

HTML5, CSS3, javascript, React, Vue, Angular

Backend technologies:

ASP.net MVC, ASP.net, ASP Classic, PHP, NodeJS

Database technologies:

MS-SQL, mySQL, MongoDB

Rate of research and development hours:

Project SizeTotal project development hours Rate per hour
Consulting, characterization and landing pages 1-9 working hours $99
A small website or development 10-99 working hours $89
Medium product development 100-999 working hours $79
Great product development 1,000 - 9,999 working hours $69
Developing a huge product 10,000 + Working hours Call us for the most competitive price

  • Israeli companies must also add 17% VAT in payment.
  • Non-Israeli companies are not liable for VAT and are exempt from paying this tax